An Online Marketplace Connecting Local Food Producers with Wholesale Purchasers


Fresh food producers complete FoodChain’s online registration form. Within 24-hours they can log in to show off fresh products to eagerly-awaiting local restaurants, grocery stores and corporations. Sale-alert emails track orders and reorders showing product movement and purchaser preferences.

FoodChain provides one drop-off point for farmers and handles all customer deliveries, billing and payment processes. This means food producers get paid quickly!


Purchasers fill out an online application and within 24-hours are browsing a diverse catalog of local foods, using filters to find and compare producers’ products and pricing. One delivery for multiple producers’ products and just one invoice to pay!

How to Use FoodChain


Your Products Showcased Online

Gain immediate access to local restaurant owners, Co-ops, healthcare facilities, corporate entities and other wholesale purchasers

Set up Your Products and Get Back to Work

Easily list your products online from your home PC or smart phone, saving the valuable time and money you would have spent marketing and selling

Bypass Distributors

Why give away your profit to others? Sell directly on FoodChain and get a greater return for your products

Get Paid Faster

Our efficient online accounting and billing processes shorten payment cycles from purchasers


Shop Our Online Marketplace

Browse over 250 local food products ranging from produce to meat to dairy to processed goods in a single place

Order Online

Connect with and buy directly from over 50 local farms


Receive fresh local produce in your store


Have fresh local foods delivered directly to your business

FoodChain has joined the Dohmen Company Foundation

On April 2, 2020 FoodChain joined the Dohmen Company Foundation. As a philanthropic enterprise, we’re on a mission to revitalize the health of communities and the people within them using the power of food. For more information visit