An Unconventional Food Sourcing Solution

In 2018 FoodChain founders Ben Winters and Jake Levitt responded to the alarming statistics regarding food waste, food insecurity, and food miles by creating a sourcing solution far beyond the traditional.

FoodChain Addresses:

  • Supply Chain Inefficiencies
  • The Demand for Local Food
  • Keeping Farmers in Business
  • Simplified Ordering, Fulfilling and Billing

How we Sprouted

After participating in multiple accelerator programs in New Orleans and Madison, conducting hundreds of customer interviews and volunteering at prominent non-profit organizations in the local food space, Ben and Jake launched FoodChain, offering producers and wholesale purchasers an easier method of buying and selling local and regional foods. After securing the platform, curated logistics, and cost-structure, FoodChain was created, providing a more transparent, equitable and efficient way to buy and sell local food.

After weeks of discussions with the Dohmen Company Foundation regarding our shared vision and values, we joined their portfolio of food companies in April of 2020. Together we work to advance our mission of revitalizing the health of communities and the people within them using the power of food. Joining Dohmen has provided FoodChain opportunity to have an even greater social impact as we leverage Dohmen’s years of supply chain experience and collaborate with its existing portfolio of socially conscious and impactful businesses.