For Producers

List Products Online

Gain access to new markets and exposure to new customers by listing, marketing, and selling directly to FoodChain’s network of restaurants, grocery stores, and corporate cafeterias.

Receive Orders Online

Know where your products are being sold, in what quantities, and to whom. Track orders and re-orders to better understand product movement and current purchaser preferences.


We offer a centralized drop-off point and curated last-mile logistic services to save you resources typically spent on distribution. FoodChain also handles the billing and payment processes, shortening turnaround time on payments.

For Purchasers

Online Marketplace

Take advantage of our streamlined ordering, delivery, and billing processes. Browse a diverse catalogue of local foods, use filter functionalities to find what you are looking for and compare prices from different producers, and have all your products consolidated into a single purchaser order and digital invoice.

Consolidated Delivery

Have all your products from multiple producers brought directly to you in a single delivery.

Go Local

We make the process of sourcing local foods as easy and efficient as possible, allowing you to source an increased percentage of your products from within the community you operate in, reduce food miles, and support local producers.