Access to New Sales

Our online marketplace will provide our vendors with the opportunity to publish, market, and sell their entire product line directly to reputable wholesale purchasers. This not only creates a new channel for sales, it also bypasses distributors allowing vendors to receive far greater shares of retail prices than traditional supply chains.

Handled Logistics Through One Drop Off Point

By handling logistics for our vendors, we make direct-to-retail possible while avoiding many of the associated costs. Our last-mile distribution systems consolidate all orders into a single drop off point, allowing producers to spend less time dealing with distribution and more time on their farms.

Digital and Simple Accounting

Our efficient online accounting and billing processes shorten payment cycles from purchasers.

Personal Digital Business Assistant

Each vendor on FoodChain will have a digital assistant who aides in constantly maintaining, updating and improving upon their online web store and business profile.

Start selling your products on FoodChain

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