One of very few gluten free teriyaki beef snack sticks on available on the market. While most producers use a Chinese style soy sauce that contains wheat, we use the Japanese style tamari sauce containing only soybeans and salt.

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Poor Richard’s Farm is proud to offer this exclusively formulated product to our customers. Our Beef snack sticks are lean and delicious, smoked with 100% hardwood chips. They are uncured, Cured meats use chemicals and additives while our uncured beef sticks use lactic acid starter culture, vinegar and salts. There are no added nitrates or nitrites except for those naturally occurring in celery powder and sea salt and there are no added MSG’s. Each stick is 1.5 oz (42g) they come in individually vacuum sealed packages. They are shelf stable requiring no refrigeration and they have a shelf life of 12 months. They come in individually vacuum sealed packages, net weight 1.5 oz (42g).

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