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We offer salmon steaks, and varying sizes of whole fillets.

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Note: Steelhead Salmon and Rainbow Trout are the same fish species, “Oncorhynchus Mykiss” and just have slightly different lifestyles.

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Raised in Artesian spring water, our Steelhead Salmon (Oncorhynchus Mykiss) are reared indoors in our NON-recirculating, self-cleaning aquaculture system. We feed them the highest quality feed available, making sure it is 100% non-GMO and organic as possible. We harvest our fish the day prior to market and process them in our FDA certified processing center. They come to you, the customer, raw, packaged, and ready to be prepared for dinner!

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4 oz Salmon Steaks, 6 oz Salmon Steaks, 8 oz Salmon Steaks, 4 oz Boneless Salmon Steaks, 6 oz Boneless Salmon Steaks, 8 oz Boneless Salmon Steaks, Boneless Whole Side of Salmon

Big Spring Family Farm LLC

Local family owned and operated Rainbow Trout Farm bringing fresh fish “swimming yesterday” to your local farmers market, restaurants, and grocery stores. Pristine artesian water grown, NON-GMO and ORGANIC fed, and never any chemicals or antibiotics….


We raise rainbow trout, turning old farmstead silos into fish rearing facilities. Beginning with certified disease free eggs, fresh artisan water, and the best feed available, we raise our trout to marketable size. We sell fresh fish (never frozen) and never use antibiotics or STTP so that you can enjoy truly fresh, delicious trout fillets. We also offer fresh smoked vacuum sealed trout and KISS A FISH Organic Hydrolysate Fish Fertilizer.

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