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The Walnut Burger has been the Jenkins’ family restaurants #1 selling item on their diverse menu for over 28 years, located at the Trempeleau Hotel. Walnut burgers are a well-known & popular item with people of all ages, meat-eaters & vegetarians alike.

The walnut burger bulk mix is a unique & versatile product that can be made into vegetarian meatballs, a stuffing, sausage crumble, taco filling and more!

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Sold By Fifth Season Cooperative
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The Walnut Burger is made with walnuts, organic breadcrumbs, organic eggs, onions, cheddar & mozzarella cheeses, organic tamari, organic garlic & spices.

Fifth Season Cooperative

Historically, thefifth season” referred to the various ways people preserved food in order to enjoy their harvest well beyond the growing season. It was common to can, freeze, and dry foods during the peak of the season to extend the bounty.

Through the formation of the Fifth Season Cooperative, we preserve many things in our region: our health and wealth, the connection between producers & consumers and the market for traditionally, sustainably raised foods.

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