Start by heading over to the marketplace by clicking on the “Marketplace” link in the top menu. You can browse the marketplace here. Narrow your selection by using the filter feature at the right side of the page. To view more details about a product, click on the image of the product. On the product page, you can view details about the product under the “Description” tab. Next to the “description” tab is additional information, typically about the quantities available. Next is the “Vendor” tab which will give you information about the vendor selling the product. View reviews from previous purchasers under the “Reviews” tab. If you have questions about a product or want to view other purchaser’s questions, refer to the “Questions and Answers” tab. Lastly, once you decide to purchase the product, select the quantity desired and "Add to Cart". You may view your cart by clicking the top right grocery bag that contains a number related to the number of items in your cart.

Setup Your Profile

Most of your account details should be already loaded into your account. However, if you wish to edit any of the details, navigate to the side menu of your account and select “Account Details.” Here you can edit your first, last, and display name. Your display name is the name that you will be referred to on the marketplace. The purchases you make and messages you send will be made under that name. A good name would be one that describes who or what entity you represent. In this tab you may also change your password if necessary. After you are satisfied with your profile click on the “save changes” button.

Make Purchases

After browsing the Marketplace and filling your cart with the desired product, click on the grocery bag with a number inside on the top right corner of the bag and select "View Cart" to ensure your order is correct. When you are ready, click "Proceed to Checkout" on the right side. Fill in the Billing address, Shipping address (if it differs), and payment option. If you have special notes or requests for delivery, enter those comments in the bottom box provided. If you denoted cash payment upon delivery, please ensure a member of your entity is there to drop off and the payment is ready.

Ask Vendors Questions

Back in the Marketplace, you can clink on the producers company name underneath the product title. This takes you to a page about the vendor, their contact information, and all the products they sell. If you wish to contact them, use the contact information given. If you would like to leave a review based on your experience with this vendor, you may do so here as well.

Find the Right Vendor for You

Browse the Marketplace and use the product filters to find what you need for the right cost, quality, and quantity. Learn more about the vendors by clicking their name underneath the product title. If you do not find what you are looking for or a specific vendor, contact us so we can get it in our marketplace.

Contact Us

Under your "Account" find a "Contact" tab on the left side. You may contact Food-Chain through the provided information about any comments, questions, concerns, or complaints relating to your Food-Chain experience.